It's not real Matcha unless it meets 3 criteria...  

Zen Craft Supreme Premium Grade Uji Matcha

Matcha is well known for its health benefits. It boosts energy, metabolism, skin health, focus and can help fight disease and infection. But to get all those benefits you have to choose real Matcha.

Most UK Matcha brands sell you green tea powder, not Matcha. They are able to do this as the word Matcha just means powdered tea. But in Japan Matcha is something far superior. That's why they only export 1% of all produce world wide. There are 3 criteria that makes real Matcha so special, anything less is not worth your time:

1. It has to be made from shade grown green tea leaves, using the youngest top leaves. Many "Matcha" products are made of green tea grown in sunlight, known as Sencha. Others use shade grown tea, but use every bit of the plant. These powders do not have the high levels of Chlorophyll that gives Matcha its brilliance. Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants which allows them to absorb energy from light. And high levels of Chlorophyll gives Matcha it's vivid green colour and quality of taste. The brighter the green, the better the quality.

2. It must be processed using the Uji method. The Uji method is when the green tea leaves are steam dried before being ground into powder. This gives Matcha its superior flavour, aroma and freshness. The method comes from the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan, birthplace and home of the best Matcha in the world.

3. The very finest Matcha comes from 4 regions of Japan, but it is the Uji region of Japan thats produces the very best. The region is blessed with the best climate and nutrient rich soil for growing green tea.

Zen Craft Matcha by Brilliant Green Company meets all 3 criteria, where as other brands barely meet 1. That's why we named ourselves the Brilliant Green Company. The very best Matcha comes from the Uji region of Japan, and that's where Zen Craft comes from. We know Matcha and we know what it can do for you. Try Zen Craft Matcha and start reaping the benefits:

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