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Discover Brilliant Green Company Matcha.

When you drink Matcha tea, you experience a creamy mild taste with a long refreshing finish. A relaxing feeling quickly flows through you. Your energy levels boom. For hours that energy keeps going. You feel focused and motivated. Over time your skin glows, metabolism fires up. You feel the health benefits.

Some Matcha can just be ground Sencha green tea, using any part of the plants. This green tea powder does not give you the benefits, taste or experience that real Japanese Matcha gives. You may save a few pounds, but you will gain very little. Our Matcha is not just green tea powder.

Our Matcha is made from the youngest top leaves of quality green tea plants. Shade grown in nutrient rich soil in the perfect climate. Producing higher levels of chlorophyll and amino acids. Promoting superior levels of nutrients and a vivid brilliant green colour.

Unlike other brands we don't use the boasts of having 137x more antioxidants than regular green tea or 17x the antioxidants found in blueberries. Those statements are just a manipulation of studies to sound impressive. What they won't tell you is the real nutritional content that assures the quality of Matcha. Here's just a sample of ours per 30g tin...

  • 1384 units of antioxidants

  • 1650mg of amino acids

  • 87.8mg of catechins

  • ORAC score of 50,600 (168,500                         
    per 100g un-brewed)

  • 69mg of magnesium 

  • 9.18g of protein

  • 314mg of fibre per 30g

  • 30.96mg of caffeine

  • 126mg of calcium

  • 18mg of vitamin c

  • 810mg of potassium

  • 5.1mg of iron

And this is how our Japanese Matcha tea gives you benefits...

  • Provides energy boost for 3-6 hours 

    without harsh crashes.                                 

  • Detoxifies and clears your skin

  • Increases focus and alertness

  • Enhances your mood and reduces anxiety

  • Helps lower blood pressure

  • Helps improve memory                               

  • Increases exercise performance by up to 25%

  • Helps boost immune system to fight disease,

    infection and bad cholesterol

  • Boost your intake of antioxidants

  • Aids meditation

  • Boosts your metabolism from 8-10% to 35-40%

  • Boosts your metabolism from 8-10% to 35-40%


Real Matcha may seem a little more expensive. But it's not when you consider how much cheap Matcha you would have to drink to get the full benefits. Our top selling brands work out at 31p and 59p per cup. Think about the amount of times you spent more money on a chocolate bar, a high sugar energy drink or a glass of wine. What are benefiting from those things in the long term?

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Zen Craft Matcha - Supreme Premium Grade
Shizuoka Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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