Authentic Japanese Green Tea Powder

UJI MATCHA - Zen Craft

The city of Uji in the Kyoto prefecture of Japan, known as the city of green tea, is world renowned for producing the very best Matcha in the world. It is also the one of the original birthplaces of Matcha and the Uji processing method, where green tea leaves are steam dried instead of roasted. The method improves the flavour of the tea, giving it a more full bodied character, freshness and long lasting vegetal finish. Our Zen Craft Matcha is refreshing tea, vivid green in colour with one of the highest nutritional content you can get. It is grown, processed and packaged in Uji, sourced from the very best small growers in the region.


Our original Matcha blend from our good friends in the Shiuoka prefecture of southern Japan. Shizuoka is one of the big four Matcha producing regions in Japan. Shizuoka Matcha has bold and moreish flavour at a very reasonable price.



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