Have you actually tried that real Matcha?



Real Matcha gives you incredible energising benefits. It does not just make you look hip!

You may have tried Matcha. You may have drunk a fancy Matcha latte or eaten a green muffin and thought how great that is. Only thing is, it most likely did nothing for you. If you drink the real good stuff, you will feel it almost straight away. Real Matcha is an incredible green tea powder from Japan that gives you sustained energy boosts, increase in alertness and focus, enhance your mood and reduce anxiety, boost your metabolism, detoxify your skin, improve memory, help your body fight against infection, disease and bad cholesterol

Other Matcha is just powdered green tea. It's about as beneficial for your health as any green tea but with boasts of 137X the antioxidants of regular green tea and has the same amount of antioxidants as a ton of blueberries. This is all sales jargon manipulating the findings of old studies. Real Matcha is made from shade grown green tea from a few select regions of Japan, using only freshest top leaves of the plant. No stems, no old dead leaves, no regular green tea.

If a Matcha brand just boasts the same old cliched statistics, it's not offering you what real Matcha offers, which is:

  • 1384 units of antioxidants           

  • 1650mg of amino acids

  • 87.8mg of catechins

  • ORAC score of 50,600 (168,500
    per 100g un-brewed)                                                 

  • 69mg of magnesium                      

  • 9.18g of protein

  • 314mg of fibre per 30g

  • 30.96mg of caffeine

  • 126mg of calcium

  • 18mg of vitamin c                             

  • 810mg of potassium

  • 5.1mg of iron

Zen Craft Matcha - Real Japanese Uji Matcha green tea

Zen Craft is a fine Japanese Matcha boasting a vivid green colour, refreshing smooth depth of flavour with higher levels of nutritional contents compared to other grades of Matcha. 

 Created to honour of the traditions of the Zen Buddhist monks who created Matcha 800 years ago. Uji Matcha hails from the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan, the birthplace of Japanese Matcha. It is revered as the very finest quality Matcha in the world for taste and quality. 

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Shizuoka Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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