Real Matcha was drunk by Samurai


Re-energise your mind body and soul with the power of Japanese Uji Matcha green tea powder.

Matcha has gained much attention in recent years. But not everyone has experienced the brilliant power of authentic Matcha. Its abundance of health benefits have been enjoyed in Japan for over 800 years. First grown and processed by Zen Buddhist monks, who used it to aid meditation, in the Uji region of Japan, Matcha was adopted by Samurai warriors and drunk before battle to increase energy levels and focus. This incredible green tea powder is not produced outside of Japan, and it is not for lattes and muffins! It's for warriors. 

Only the very best Matcha comes from the Uji region of Japan and Zen Craft Matcha is made from 100% organic shade grown green tea. You may have heard all the sales jargon about Matcha, but other Matcha teas don't offer our impressive nutritional content:

  • 1384 units of antioxidants                                       

  • 1650mg of amino acids

  • 87.8mg of catechins

  • ORAC score of 50,600 (168,500
    per 100g un-brewed)

  • 69mg of magnesium 

  • 9.18g of protein

  • 314mg of fibre per 30g

  • 30.96mg of caffeine

  • 126mg of calcium

  • 18mg of vitamin c

  • 810mg of potassium

  • 5.1mg of iron


Zen Craft Matcha - Real Japanese Uji Matcha green tea

Zen Craft is a fine Japanese Matcha boasting a vivid green colour, refreshing smooth depth of flavour with higher levels of nutritional contents compared to other grades of Matcha. 

 Created to honour of the traditions of the Zen Buddhist monks who created Matcha 800 years ago. Uji Matcha hails from the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan, the birthplace of Japanese Matcha. It is revered as the very finest quality Matcha in the world, in terms of taste and quality. 

 Only Matcha of this quality can provide you with sustained energy boost, increase in alertness and focus, enhance your mood and reduce anxiety, boost your metabolism, detoxify your skin, improve memory, help your body fight against infection, disease and bad cholesterol.

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