Matcha: An 800 year old Super Food perfect for today's busy lifestyle

The father of Zen Buddhism and Japanese tea culture, Myouan Eisai, first brought green tea to Japan from China in the late 12th century. For centuries Matcha was reserved for Shoguns and Japanese nobility until the introduction of the Uji processing method in the 18th century, and until this century was very rarely found outside of Japan. 

Some of the very first green tea seeds were planted near a Zen Buddhist temple in the Uji region of Kyoto. The region was perfect for growing green tea, with it’s nutrient rich soil, warm days and cool nights and misty climate. This region remains to this day home to the finest Matcha green tea in the world.   

It was growers in this region that started growing green tea under shade to promote it’s nutritional development. This was then steam dried into tencha and then stone ground into powder, creating Matcha. This enabled you to consume 100% of the green tea’s goodness. Those Japanese monks developed the concept of the tea ceremony, by drinking Matcha before meditation. The Matcha tea enabled them to concentrate and clear their mind, achieving the highest levels of Zen.

Today's busy lifestyle leaves less time to take care of your body. It's becoming more and more difficult to match a hectic life style with true health, and everything that comes with it. We work so hard, stress is so high and we get so tired, and it’s constantly hard to keep energy levels up and maintain a good diet. Matcha offers so many solutions to our modern health concerns and lifestyle that it’s amazing that this was developed so long ago.

Matcha’s reputation as being one of the best superfoods in the world is rightly earned. It’s a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; it boosts your metabolism and helps your body increase it’s calorie burning right by up to 400%, making it perfect for healthy weight loss. Matcha is high in fibre and catechins, which aids digestion, your heart health, and helps your body fight against viruses, bacteria and disease. Matcha is also great for detoxifying your skin, giving your clear and vibrant skin (some people even use it in face masks).

We love Matcha and respect It’s rich history and traditions, and that is why we spent a great deal of time sourcing and building relationships with growers in Japan, because they don’t export much Matcha outside of Japan (only about 5% is available to the entire world!). These relationships and some very hard work has enabled us to source the very finest Matcha tea from the Uji region in Kyoto, Japan, birthplace and home of the finest Matcha green tea powder in the world. You may have tried Matcha before, but this is the Matcha you heard about, buy today and be brilliant tomorrow!