Matcha Salad Dressing

Tea with lemon and honey is always a great combination, also a delicious combination for a salad dressing. This recipe is great as lemon juice is great at reducing stomach acids and honey is packed full of goodness and, like Matcha, a great energy booster. Pour this dressing over crisp salad leaves, spinach, broccoli and other nutritional packed vegetables and have a meal packed with metabolism boosting goodness.


1 tsp Matcha green tea powder

1 tsp warm water

1 clove garlic, mined (can be optional)

1 tsp of honey (raw runny honey is best)

Juice of half a lemon, or 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

3 tablespoons of oil (rapeseed, canola, or light olive oil)

salt and pepper to taste


Sieve the Matcha powder into a bowl and add the warm water. Mix well with a whisk. Add the garlic, honey, lemon, salt and pepper and mix. Slowly add the oil and whisk together. I recommend pouring into a jar and storing for when needed, it should be good for a week. You can also mix up the ingredients in a blender or food mixer to make things even easier

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