Where Does Matcha Come From?

The word Matcha translates literally as "powdered tea", however the best Matcha in the world comes from Japan, specifically the Kyoto, Shizuoka and Aichi Prefectures and the Kyushu region of southern Japan.

Green tea descends from the original tea plant Camellia Sinensis which comes from Southern China. Essentially green tea is a form of tea that has a low level of processing which gives it very high levels of nutrients. Green tea was introduced to Japan by the Zen Buddhist monk Eisai in the 12th century, and it was Eisai and Zen Buddhist monks who first ground green tea into powder, creating Matcha.

You will find many different types of Matcha from other Asian countries, but the real authentic super food green tea version that you have heard so much about is strictly cultivated and produced in Japan.

What makes Japanese Matcha the best? Though green tea originated in China, ideal growing conditions for green tea and Matcha production were developed in Japan, and they have been perfecting this process for 8 centuries. Another factor of why the best Matcha comes from Japan is the environments where it's grown. The soil, the weather, temperature, plus the time of year that the tea leaves are picked are all key to it's quality and nutritional content. These methods and factors are a Japanese thing, a thing they are very proud of.

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