Organic Matcha vs Non Organic Matcha: What's The Difference?

What is the difference between organic and non organic (or inorganic) Matcha green tea? In terms of nutritional content and benefits, they are both exactly the same. However there are some significant differences you should know.


When we buy organic products in the UK we usually expect to pay more. When it comes to Japanese Matcha that is not the case. In general, non organic Matcha costs a lot more. For example, our Ceremonial grade Matcha is organic and one of the highest grades you can get, the non organic equivalent costs around 5X the amount.

How it's grown

In terms of where both types are grown, there is little difference except for how the plants are treated. In order to produce non organic Matcha, 16 to 18 pesticides are used in order to keep the leaves untouched, which achieves the crazy vivid green colour of the tea. An important fact to know is that Japan's pesticide trace level laws are different to the EU (UK) trace levels, and almost all non-organic Matcha exceeds the levels aloud in the EU (even if it is by fractions of a mg, the law is the law!). Therefore you are unable to import that Matcha into the UK. Some brands may claim to offer authentic non-organic Japanese Ceremonial grade Matcha that is "the best of the best of the best", but most likely they are bending the truth.

Taste and look

Organic Matcha is still bright green but not quite as luminous green as non-organic which is almost looks radioactive! Organic Matcha also tastes like green tea with more depth of flavour; mildly sweet, with bold earthy depth, with a long refreshing aftertaste. Non-organic, however, does not even taste like green tea. It is sweet and very mild in flavour, but still maintains it's own depth and long aftertaste.

Organic vs Non Organic

Like many debates, this is subjective, however considering the facts about how difficult it is to get non organic even imported into the EU territory, the answer is fairly conclusive. I love the taste of both, but when you drink organic Matcha, you know what you are putting into your body, and to me the fuller taste sends the message. And even if you are not a green tea fan, Matcha is so versatile you can use it in recipes where you won't even know it's there! Plus would you rather pay way more for a product that does the same thing? And bearing that in mind would you rather pay less for a product that does not give you the benefits that Matcha should give you? You know the answer. 

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